New Food for Semaglutide Users! After Nestle's instant coffee became popular, it also launched the GLP-1 nutrition brand Vital Pursuit

GLP-1 drug has been recognized and the market consumption has a strong explosive force

In the past year, with more and more choices entering the market and the recognition of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk, exciting weight loss and diabetes drugs began to prevail.

In October 2022, Florida real estate agent Eva McMillan asked Musk about his weight loss secret on Twitter, pointing out that he looked "fantastic, healthy, full, and healthy" in a recent photo. Musk's response was in response to his earlier statement that fasting was working, and then added a second comment, stating "And Wegovy". Wegovy is one of the brand names for the drug Semaglutide.


According to a recent survey by the health policy research organization KFF, approximately one eighth of American adults use GLP-1 medication at some point. About half of Americans, or about 6% of American adults, are using one of the treatment methods. Expert research suggests that by 2035, the total number of consumers using this drug in the United States may soar to 31.5 million, accounting for 9% of the total population.

The success of semaglutide for weight loss and treatment of diabetes has triggered investors' concerns about the future sales of food companies.

As the popularity of these drugs soars, investors are becoming increasingly concerned about what their rise means for food and beverage companies and fast food chains. People who take medication usually eat less because they crave less food, crave more protein, and crave less sugary and fatty foods. In October, Wal Mart US CEO Funa said that people who buy GLP-1 drugs from its pharmacies will buy less food, usually fewer calories.

Nestle, headquartered in Switzerland, has seen its stock price drop by 16% this year, with its market value dropping to $278 billion. This food company expects its global growth to slow down this year as consumers affected by inflation reduce their purchases of its products.

Nestle has seen opportunities to cater to these consumers through Vital Pursuit.

"The reality is that this dietary habit has been disappearing in a sense over the past 25 years. For me, what we are doing is actually giving consumers a new tool, giving them confidence and a journey to success," Nestle North America CEO Steve Presley told CNBC.

The initial 12 products of this new brand include frozen pasta bowls packaged with whole grains or protein, as well as melted sandwiches and pizzas. These products will include one or more essential nutrients, such as protein, calcium, or iron. The company plans to sell Vital Pursuit products for $4.99 or lower and offer gluten free options. The new production line will be put into cold storage channels in the fourth quarter.

Vital Pursuit can provide GLP-1 users with macronutrients such as protein. Nestle already has lean cooking, established in 1981 as a healthier alternative to other frozen foods. The company chose to create a new brand to reach GLP-1 users, as Lean's brand focuses on consumers who want to limit calories. However, individuals taking GLP-1 medication may wish to consume more nutrients, such as protein, which can help with drug-related muscle loss. Presley said, "Consumer research shows that certain nutrients and certain macronutrients need to be provided to truly help consumers stay healthy during GLP-1 treatment."



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