Retatrutide dosage chart

Retatrutide for weight loss test result

A group of 338 adults were divided into two groups; one group of Retatrutide peptide dosage from 1 mg to 12 mg was given, and the other group was given a placebo. The first weight loss check point was to take Retatrutide peptides 24 weeks after 24 weeks.

Ultra -heavy adults take 4 mg and 8 mg Retatrutide peptides, respectively, and weighs 12.9% and 17.3%. 48 weeks later, the weight of those who took the highest dose of 12 mg once a week changed by 24%, while the weight of the placebo group was only alleviated by 2%. Most patients taking Retatrutide peptides weighed more than 5% after 48 weeks.

From the test results, the use of Retatrutide peptide can cause dose-dependence weight loss. Therefore, the higher the dosage of the Retatrutide peptide, the greater the weight loss. If it is approved and after further research, the weight loss potential of Retatrutide is obviously worth studying.

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Retatrutide Use Guild. What is the dose of Retatrutide? How to take it?

Since the Retatrutide peptide is still in the third stage of development, the exact dose of the drug has not been determined. Of course, the primary task is to formulate a administration plan to minimize the effects of drug side effects. In the second stage of the test, the researchers drew Retatrutide peptide once a week by the injection. 

Retatrutide dosage chart

Retatrutide DosageInitial Dose
4mg2mg or 4mg
8mg2mg or 4mg

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